Update: Jio Tv Now has 839 total No of channels on Jio tv app. This include 240 HD channels + 599 SD Channels. No of channels on Jio Set top box is 550+ as per jio website.

Jio Tv app is the one of the best Tv app available on both android n ios with vast range of channels under one roof. Launched by Reliance Jio infocomm ltd under its app suite. Jio Tv has 839 total channels which includes 599 SD channels and 240 HD channels. Best part is promise of free subscription to Jio tv app for all prime members. Jio Fiber customers get free landline service with unlimited voice calls and you get free set top box if you take ott pack subscription along with it.

Here is preview of JIO TV Channel List with total no of channels:

Total no of HD Channels  = 240 channels

57(English) + 86(Hindi) + 11(Malayalam) + 12(Tamil) + 8(Telugu) + 9(Bengali) + 8(Kannada) + 17(Marathi) + 20(Punjabi) +9 (Gujarati)+1(Urdu) + 1(odia) + 1(Assamese)

Total no of SD Channels  = 599 channels

195(Hindi) + 48(Telugu) + 88(English) + 49(Tamil) + 27(Malayalam)  + 24(Kannada)  +18(Oriya) +23(Marathi) +17(Assamese)  + 32(Bengali) + 33(Gujarati) + 22(Punjabi) + 11(Bhojpuri)  + 10(Urdu) +1(Nepali) + 1(french)

List of JIO TV APP Channel List for various Platforms sorted by language:

S.NoChannel Name Quality LanguageCategory
1&Pictures SD Hindi Movies
2&Pictures HDFHDHindiMovies
3&TV HDFHDHindiEntertainment
4&Xplore HDFHDHindiMovies
5Big MagicSDHindiEntertainment
6Colors HDFHDHindiEntertainment
7DD VihaarSDHindiEntertainment
8DD IndiaSDHindiNews
9DD MadhyaPradeshSDHindiEntertainment
10DD NationalSDHindiEntertainment
11DD RajasthanSDHindiEntertainment
12DD Uttar PradeshSDHindiEntertainment
13Sony PalHDHindiEntertainment
14Sony SabHDHindiEntertainment
15Sony HDFHDHindiEntertainment
16Star BharathFHDHindiEntertainment
17Star PlusFHDHindiEntertainment
18Star UtsavFHDHindiEntertainment
19Zee AnmolSDHindiEntertainment
20Zee TVSDHindiEntertainment
21Zee TV HDFHDHindiEntertainment
22Sony WahHDHindiMovies
23Sony Max HDFHDHindiMovies
24Star GoldFHDHindiMovies
25Enter 10SDHindiMovies
26Maha MovieSDHindiMovies
27B4U MoviesSDHindiMovies
28Zee Cinema HDFHDHindiMovies
29Zee BollywoodSDHindiMovies
30Zee Anmol CinemaSDHindiMovies
31Zee ActionSDHindiMovies
32Zee ClassicSDHindiMovies
33Zee CinemaSDHindiMovies
349 Bharath SamacharSDHindiNews
35Aaj TakSDHindiNews
36ABP NewsSDHindiNews
38Bansal NewsSDHindiNews
39Bharath SamacharSDHindiNews
40DD NewsSDHindiNews
41Rajya SabhaSDHindiNews
42Hindi KhabharSDHindiNews
43IBC 24SDHindiNews
44India NewsSDHindiNews
45India News HaryanaSDHindiNews
46India News ChattisgarhSDHindiNews
47India News RajasthanSDHindiNews
48India News UttarakhandSDHindiNews
49India TVSDHindiNews
50India VoiceSDHindiNews
51Inh 24×7SDHindiNews
52Kashish NewsSDHindiNews
53Khabar FastSDHindiNews
54Live TodaySDHindiNews
56MH1 NewsSDHindiNews
57Network 10SDHindiNews
58News 24SDHindiNews
59News IndiaSDHindiNews
60News NationSDHindiNews
61News State ChattisgarhSDHindiNews
62News State UttarakhandSDHindiNews
63News 18 IndiaSDHindiNews
64News 18 JharkhandSDHindiNews
65News 18 ChattisgarhSDHindiNews
66News 18 RajasthanSDHindiNews
67News 18 UttarpradeshSDHindiNews
68Prime NewsSDHindiNews
69Republic BharathSDHindiNews
70Sadhana Plus NewsSDHindiNews
71Sudarshan NewsSDHindiNews
72Tej NewsSDHindiNews
73Total NewsSDHindiNews
74TV9 BharathvarshSDHindiNews
75VIP NewsSDHindiNews
76Zee Bihar JharkhandSDHindiNews
77Zee HindustanSDHindiNews
78Zee MP ChattisgarhSDHindiNews
79Zee NewsSDHindiNews
80Zee UP UttarakhandSDHindiNews
81Zee RajasthanSDHindiNews
82CNBC AwaazSDHindiBusiness
83Zee BusinessSDHindiBusiness
84CNBC BazaarSDGujaratiBusiness
85Jio Events HDFHDHindiInfotainment
86DD BharatiSDHindiInfotainment
87DD KisanSDHindiInfotainment
88DD SportsSDEnglishSports
89Sony Ten 3 HDFHDEnglishSports
90Star Sports 1 HindiSDHindiSports
919x JalwaSDHindiMusic
94B4U MusicSDHindiMusic
96MTV HDFHDHindiMusic
97MTV Beats HDFHDHindiMusic
98Music IndiaSDHindiMusic
100Boogle BollywoodSDHindiMusic
101Sounds of Zee5SDHindiMusic
102Sony YaySDHindiKids
103Zee5 KidsSDHindiKids
104Ambabai Temple KolhapurSDHindiDevotional
105Dagdusheth Ganapati PuneSDHindiDevotional
106Ram Krishna HariSDHindiDevotional

Mandir Shri Govinddevji Jaipur
108Tulja BhavaniSDHindiDevotional
110Aastha BhajanSDHindiDevotional
113Bhakti Sagar 2SDHindiDevotional
114Chardham DarshanSDHindiDevotional
115Disha TV IndiaSDHindiDevotional
117Hare Krishna TelevisionHDHindiDevotional
118Hare Krishna MusicSDHindiDevotional
119Hare Krishna PravachanSDHindiDevotional
122Krishna VaniSDHindiDevotional
123Manav DharamHDHindiDevotional
124MH ONE ShraddhaSDHindiDevotional
125Paras GoldSDHindiDevotional
126Peace of MindSDHindiDevotional
131sarv dharam sangamSDHindiDevotional
139Gyan BrikshyaSDAssameseEducational
140Gyanvani 1SDHindiEducational
141India ScienceSDHindiEducational
142Utkarsh PrimarySDHindiEducational
143Utkarsh SecondarySDHindiEducational
144Utkarsh MiddleSDHindiEducational
145Utkarsh HigherSDEnglishEducational
146Colors Cineplex BollywoodSDHindiMovies
148&Prive HDHDEnglishMovies
149Colors Infinity HDFHDEnglishMovies
150Comedy Central HDFHDEnglishMovies
152Insight TVFHDEnglishEntertainment
154Zee Cafe HDHDEnglishEntertainment
155Sony Pix HDHDEnglishMovies
158CNN News 18SDHindiNews
160France 24SDEnglishNews
161India AheadSDEnglishNews
162India TodaySDEnglishNews
163NE NewsSDEnglishNews
164News XSDEnglishNews
166Time 8SDAssameseNews
168CNBC TV 18SDEnglishBusiness
169CNBC TV 18 Prime HDFHDEnglishBusiness
170Sony BBC Earth HDFHDEnglishInfotainment
171History HDFHDEnglishInfotainment
172Insight TVSDEnglishInfotainment
173In WildSDEnglishInfotainment
174Love Nature 4K4KEnglishInfotainment
175Smithsonian ChannelHDEnglishInfotainment
176Travel XP HDFHDEnglishInfotainment
177FTV 4K4KEnglishLifestyle
178FTV HDFHDEnglishLifestyle
179My Zen4KEnglishLifestyle
180Sadhguru TelevisionFHDEnglishLifestyle
181Combat GoSDEnglishSports
182Jio Football 1 HDFHDEnglishSports
183Jio Football 2 HDFHDEnglishSports
184Jio Football 3 HDFHDEnglishSports
185Jio Football HDFHDEnglishSports
186Sony Six HDHDEnglishSports
187Sony SixSDEnglishSports
188Sony Ten 1 HDHDEnglishSports
189Sony Ten 2 HDFHDHindiSports
190Sony Ten 2SDEnglishSports
191Sony Ten 3SDEnglishSports
192Star Sports 1FHDEnglishSports
193Star Sports 2FHDEnglishSports
194Start Sports Select 1 HDFHDEnglishSports
195Start Sports Select 2 HDFHDEnglishSports
197Sounds of Zee5 EDMSDEnglishMusic
198Nick HD+FHDHindiKids
199Zoo MooSDEnglishKids
200Birla BrainiacsSDEnglishEducational
201IMS SchoolsSDEnglishEducational

eVidya12 SD
215Swayam Prabha 01SDEnglishEducational
216Swayam Prabha 02SDHindiEducational
217Swayam Prabha 03SDEnglishEducational
218Swayam Prabha 04SDEnglishEducational
219Swayam Prabha 05SDEnglishEducational
220Swayam Prabha 06SDEnglishEducational
221Swayam Prabha 07SDEnglishEducational
222Swayam Prabha 08SDEnglishEducational
223Swayam Prabha 09SDEnglishEducational
224Swayam Prabha 10SDEnglishEducational
225Swayam Prabha 11SDEnglishEducational
226Swayam Prabha 12SDEnglishEducational
227Swayam Prabha 14SDEnglishEducational
228Swayam Prabha 15SDEnglishEducational
229Swayam Prabha 16SDEnglishEducational
230Swayam Prabha 17SDHindiEducational
231Swayam Prabha 20SDEnglishEducational
232Swayam Prabha 21SDEnglishEducational
233Swayam Prabha 22SDEnglishEducational
234DD SaptagiriSDTeluguEntertainment
235Gemini LifeSDTeluguEntertainment
236Gemini MoviesSDTeluguMovies
237Gemini Movies HDHDTeluguMovies
238Zee PiccharSDKannadaMovies
240Gemini HDHDTeluguEntertainment
241Star Maa Gold HDHDTeluguMovies
242Star MaaFHDTeluguEntertainment
243Zee TeluguSDTeluguEntertainment
244Star Maa GoldFHDTeluguMovies
245Zee CinemaluSDTeluguMovies
246Gemini ComedySDTeluguComedy
24710 TVSDTeluguNews
248ABN AndhrajyothiSDTeluguNews
249CBR NewsSDTeluguNews
250DD YadagiriSDTeluguNews
251E TV TelanganaSDTeluguNews
255Raj News TeluguSDTeluguNews
256Sakshi TVSDTeluguNews
257T NewsSDTeluguNews
258TV 5 NewsSDTeluguNews
259TV9 TeluguSDTeluguNews
260V6 NewsSDTeluguNews
261Vanitha TVSDTeluguInfotainment
262Gemini MusicSDTeluguMusic
263Gemini Music HDHDTeluguMusic
264Raj Music TeluguSDTeluguMusic
265Kushi TVSDTeluguKids
267Bhakti TVSDTeluguDevotional
268OM CVR SpirtualSDTeluguDevotional
269Hindu DharmamSDTeluguDevotional
270SVBC TTDSDTeluguDevotional
271Subhavaartha TelevisionSDTeluguDevotional
272Captain TVSDTamilEntertainment
273Chutti TVSDTamilEntertainment
274DD PodhigaiSDTamilEntertainment
275Kalaignar TVSDTamilEntertainment
276K TVSDTamilMovies
277K TV HDHDTamilMovies
278Makkal TVSDTamilEntertainment
280Puthuyugam TVSDTamilEntertainment
281Star VijayFHDTamilEntertainment
282Sun LifeSDTamilEntertainment
283Sun TVSDTamilEntertainment
284Sun TV HDHDTamilEntertainment
285Vasanth TVSDTamilEntertainment
286Vendhar TVSDTamilEntertainment
287Zee TamilSDTamilEntertainment
288Aditya TVSDTamilComedy
289Zee ThiraiSDTamilMovies
290DD PodhigaiSDTamilEntertainment
291Captain NewsSDTamilNews
292Kalaignar SeithigalSDTamilNews
293Malai MurasuSDTamilNews
294News JSDTamilNews
295News18 Tamil NaduSDTamilNews
296News7 TamilSDTamilNews
297Polimer NewsSDTamilNews
298Puthiya ThalaimuraiSDTamilNews
299Sathiyam TVSDTamilNews
300Sun NewsSDTamilNews
301Thanthi TVSDTamilNews
302Sahana TVSDTamilMusic
303Sun MusicSDTamilMusic
304Zee ChembarathiSDMalayalamEntertainment
305Sun Music HDHDTamilMusic
306Nambikkai TelevisionSDTamilDevotional
307Velukkudi DiscoursesSDTamilDevotional
308Amrita TelevisionSDMalayalamEntertainment
310Asianet PlusSDMalayalamEntertainment
311DD MalayalamSDMalayalamEntertainment
315Manorama HDHDMalayalamEntertainment
316Surya MoviesSDMalayalamMovies
318Surya HDHDMalayalamEntertainment
319Surya Comedy

320Asianet NewsSDMalayalamNews
322Janam TVSDMalayalamNews
323Jeevan TVSD MalayalamNews
324MidDay NewsSDMalayalamNews
325Manorama NewsSDMalayalamNews
327News 18 KeralaSDMalayalamNews
328Raj news MalayalamSDMalayalamNews
329Kappa TVSDMalayalamMusic
330Raj Music MalayalamSDMalayalamMusic
331Surya MusicSDMalayalamMusic
332Kochu TVSDMalayalamKids
334Shalom TelevisionSDMalayalamDevotional
335Kite VicetersSDEnglishEducational
336Colors HD KannadaFHDKannadaEntertainment
337DD ChandanaSDKannadaEntertainment
339Star SuvarnaHDKannadaEntertainment
340Udaya MoviesSDKannadaMovies
342Udaya Movies HDHDKannadaMovies
343Zee KannadaSDKannadaEntertainment
344Udaya ComedySDKannadaComedy
345Dighvijay NewsSDKannadaNews
346News 1SDKannadaNews
347News 18 KannadaSDKannadaNews
348Public TVSDKannadaNews
349Raj News KannadaSDKannadaNews
350Suvarna NewsSDKannadaNews
351TV5 KannadaSDKannadaNews
352TV9 KarnatakaSDKannadaNews
353Public MusicSDKannadaMusic
354Udaya MusicSDKannadaMusic
355Chintu TVSDKannadaKids
356Mi TVSDEnglishSports
357Sri Sankara TVSDHindiDevotional
358Anaadi TVSDHindiNews
359Janata TVSDHindiNews
361TV9 BanglaSDBengaliNews
363Jio Football 4 HDFHDEnglishSports
365Colors HD MarathiFHDMarathiEntertainment
366DD SahyadriSDMarathiEntertainment
367Saam TVSDMarathiNews
368Sony MarathiSDMarathiEntertainment
369Star PravahFHDMarathiEntertainment
370Zee Marathi HDFHDMarathiEntertainment
371Zee YuvaSDMarathiEntertainment
372Fakt MarathiSDMarathiEntertainment
373Zee TalkiesSDMarathiMovies
374ABP majhaSDMarathiNews
375TV 9 MarathiSDMarathiNews
376Zee 24 TaasSDMarathiNews
3789X JhakaasHDMarathiMusic
379Sangeet MarathiSDMarathiMusic
380Ind 24SDHindiNews
381News1 IndiaSDHindiNews
382Alpha ETC PunjabiSDPunjabiEntertainment
383DD PunjabiSDPunjabiEntertainment
384PTC PunjabiSDPunjabiEntertainment
385Zee PunjabiSDPunjabiEntertainment
386PTC Punjab GoldSDPunjabiMovies
387Chardikla Time TVSDPunjabiNews
388India News PunjabSDHindiNews
389PTC NewsSDPunjabiNews
390Zee Punjab Haryana HimachalSDPunjabiNews
3919X TashanHDPunjabiMusic
392Sounds of Zee5 Local VocalSDPunjabiMusic
393PTC ChakdeSDPunjabiMusic
394PTC Dhol TVSDPunjabiMusic
395PTC MusicSDPunjabiMusic
396Sounds of Zee5 Punjabi BeatsSDPunjabiMusic
397Sounds of Zee5 RomanceSDHindiMusic
398PTC SimranSDPunjabiDevotional
399Shemaroo MarathibanaSDMarathiMovies
400Akash AathSDBengaliEntertainment
401DD BanglaSDBengaliEntertainment
402Sony AathSDBengaliEntertainment
403Star JalshaFHDBengaliEntertainment
404Sun BanglaSDBengaliEntertainment
405Zee BanglaSDBengaliEntertainment
406Zee Bangla CinemaSDBengaliMovies
407Zee 24 GhantaSDBengaliNews
408ABP AnandaSDBengaliNews
409Calcutta NewsSDBengaliNews
410CTVN AKD PlusSDBengaliNews
411News Time BanglaSDBengaliNews
412News 18 BanglaSDBengaliNews
413Sangeet BanglaSDBengaliMusic
414Colors GujaratiSDGujaratiEntertainment
415DD GirnarSDGujaratiEntertainment
416ABP AsmitaSDGujaratiNews
418India News GujaratSDGujaratiNews
419News 18 GujaratiSDGujaratiNews
420Sandesh NewsSDGujaratiNews
421TV 9 GujaratiSDGujaratiNews
423Zee 24 KalakSDGujaratiNews
424Shiksha TVSDGujaratiInfotainment
425Kartavya TVSDGujaratiDevotional
426Lakshya TVHDGujaratiDevotional
427Vande Gujarat 1SDGujaratiEducational
428Vande Gujarat 2SDGujaratiEducational
429Vande Gujarat 3SDGujaratiEducational
430Vande Gujarat 4SDGujaratiEducational
431Vande Gujarat 5SDGujaratiEducational
432Vande Gujarat 6SDGujaratiEducational
433Vande Gujarat 7SDGujaratiEducational
434Vande Gujarat 8SDEnglishEducational
435Vande Gujarat 9SDGujaratiEducational
436Vande Gujarat 10SDGujaratiEducational
437Vande Gujarat 11SDGujaratiEducational
438Vande Gujarat 12SDGujaratiEducational
439Vande Gujarat 13SDEnglishEducational
440Vande Gujarat 14SDEnglishEducational
441Vande Gujarat 15SDEnglishEducational
442Vande Gujarat 16SDGujaratiEducational
446DY 365SDAssameseNews
447News 18 North EastSDAssameseNews
448News LiveSDAssameseNews
449North East LiveSDHindiNews
450Pratidin TimeSDAssameseNews
452DD OdiaSDOdiaEntertainment
453Odisha TVSDOdiaEntertainment
454Zee OdishaSDOdiaEntertainment
455Kalinga TVSDOdiaNews
456Kanak NewsSDOdiaNews
457mbc TVSDOdiaNews
458Naxatra NewsSDOdiaNews
459News 18 OdiaSDOdiaNews
460Prameya News 7SDOdiaNews
461Zee OdishaSDOdiaNews
462Big GangaSDHindiEntertainment
465Surya BhojpuriSDBhojpuriEntertainment
466Bhojpuri CinemaSDBhojpuriMovies
467Oscar Movies BhojpuriSDBhojpuriMovies
468DD UrduSDUrduEntertainment
469Zee BiskopeSDBhojpuriMovies
470Gulisthan NewsSDHindiNews
471News 18 UrduSDUrduNews
472Zee SalaamSDUrduNews
473Channel WINSDUrduDevotional
474TV5 MondeSDFrenchNews
475Nepal 1SDNepaliEntertainment
476Hornbill TVSDNagameseNews
4781st India RajasthanSDHindiNews
481News 18 HaryanaSDHindiNews
482Jio Exclusive HDFHDHindiEntertainment
484Sai LeelaSDHindiDevotional
485Prati Shirdi SaibabaSDHindiDevotional
486Iskon GirgaonSDHindiDevotional
487Mahalaxmi MumbaiSDHindiDevotional
488Babulnaath MumbaiSDHindiDevotional
489Shri hingulambika Devi TempleSDHindiDevotional
490Shri Mangal Devi Grah TempleSDHindiDevotional
491Taaza TVSDHindiNews
492Prag NewsSDAssameseNews
49324 NewsSDMalayalamNews
495NDTV 24X7FHDEnglishNews
496NDTV IndiaHDHindiNews
497History TV HDFHDHindiEntertainment
498Pratidin TimeSDBengaliNews
499NDTV ProfitHDHindiBusiness
500News 18 LokmathSDMarathiNews
502Valam TVHDGujaratiDevotional
503Shri Amarnathji Shrine BoardHDHindiDevotional
505BBC World NewsHDEnglishNews
506Mezzo Live HDHDEnglishMusic
507BBC News GujaratiSDGujaratiNews
508ETV TeluguSDTeluguEntertainment
509Luxe TVHDEnglishEntertainment
510DD KashmirSDKashmiriEntertainment
511Lalbaghcha RajaHDMarathiDevotional
512ETV Andhra PradeshHDTeluguEntertainment
513Jio Sports HDFHDEnglishSports
514Jio Football 5 HDFHDEnglishSports
515Jio Football 7 HDFHDEnglishSports
516Jio Football 6 HDFHDEnglishSports
517Jio Football 8 HDFHDEnglishSports
518BBC News MarathiSDMarathiNews
519BBC News HindiSDHindiNews
521Discovery ScienceHDEnglishInfotainment
522Discovery HDFHDEnglishInfotainment
523Investigative DiscoveryFHDEnglishInfotainment
524Animal PlanetFHDEnglishInfotainment
526Discovery kidsSDHindiKids
527Discovery TurboSDEnglishInfotainment
529Food NetworkFHDEnglishInfotainment
531Travel ChannelSDEnglishInfotainment

Hindi HD+SD Channels List (195 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Colors Tv HD
  2. Star Plus HD
  3. Zee Tv HD
  4. Sony Tv HD
  5. Sab Tv HD
  6. & TV HD
  7. Star Utsav HD
  8. Star Bharat HD
  9. Star Sports 3 HD
  10. Sony Max HD
  11. Star Gold HD
  12. Zee Cinema HD
  13. & pictures HD
  14. Movies Ok HD
  15. Mtv Beats HD
  16. Sony Rox HD
  17. Epic TV HD
  18. Sony BBC Earth HD
  19. Travel XP HD
  20. History TV18 HD
  21. Channel V HD
  22. Hare Krishna HD
  23. Play My Play HD
  24. Brilliant Tv HD
  25. Boogle Bollywood HD
  26. OM Shanti HD
  27. Prudent HD
  28. Rishtey Tv
  29. Zee Anmol
  30. Sony Pal
  31. Sony Sab TV
  32. Mtv India
  33. Rishtey Cineplex
  34. Sony Max 2
  35. B4u Movies
  36. Zee Cinema
  37. Filmy
  38. Enterr 10
  39. Zee Classic
  40. Zee Action
  41. Housefull Movies
  42. Housefull Action
  43. Cnbc Awaaz
  44. Zee Business
  45. Ndtv India
  46. Aaj Tak
  47. News18 India
  48. Delhi Aajtak
  49. ABP News
  50. India Tv
  51. India News
  52. News Nation
  53. News 24
  54. Jan Tv
  55. Tez tv
  56. IBC 24
  57. Zee News
  58. Kashish News
  59. Live Today
  60. Li Living India News
  61. New India 24X7
  62. National Voice
  63. Total Tv
  64. NN Nationa Live
  65. SMBC Insight
  66. Sahara Mumbai
  67. Sahara Samay
  68. Samay MP/Chattisgarh
  69. Doordarshan
  70. Samay UP/Uttrakhand
  71. Samay Bihar/Jharkhand
  72. VIP News
  73. Mh1 News
  74. K News
  75. India News UP/Uttrakhand
  76. India News Rajasthan
  77. India News MP
  78. India News Haryana
  79. India Voice
  80. 24X7 News
  81. Taza Tv
  82. News state Uttar Pradesh
  83. Samay Rajasthan
  84. Sudarshan News
  85. Sadhna News MP/Chattisgarh
  86. DD Rajyasabha
  87. DD Lok Sabha
  88. ID Tv
  89. Sahara One
  90. DD India
  91. DD National
  92. Etv MP/Chattisgarh
  93. Etv Uttrakhand/UP
  94. Etv Rajasthan
  95. Dabang Tv
  96. Dillagi Tv
  97. Raj Parivar
  98. Dhamaal Tv
  99. DD Madhya Pradesh
  100. Zindagi Tv
  101. DD Rajasthan
  102. DD Uttar Pradesh
  103. DD Bihar
  104. Cartoon Network Hindi
  105. Pogo Hindi
  106. Nick hindi
  107. Nick Jr Hindi
  108. Sonic Hindi
  109. Maha Cartoon Tv
  110. Foodfood Tv
  111. Home Shop 18
  112. Green Tv
  113. Animal Planet Hindi
  114. Discovery Hindi
  115. TLC Hindi
  116. DD Bharti
  117. Care World
  118. DD Kisan
  119. Mastii
  120. Zing Tv
  121. 9XM
  122. Sony Mix
  123. B4u Music
  124. Z Etc Tv
  125. E24 Tv
  126. 9X Jalwa
  127. Zoom Tv
  128. Music India
  129. Aastha Tv
  130. Sadhana Tv
  131. Aastha Bhajan
  132. Jinvani Tv
  133. Sanskaar Tv
  134. Satsang Tv
  135. Disha Tv
  136. Sanatan Tv
  137. Ishwar Tv
  138. Paras Tv
  139. Aarihant Tv
  140. Shubhsandesh Tv
  141. Adhyatam Tv
  142. NavaGraha Tv
  143. Divya Tv
  144. Shubh Tv
  145. Darshan 24
  146. Samachar Plus
  147. Hindi Khabar
  148. Vedic Tv
  149. Maha Movie
  150. Peace Of Mind
  151. News World India
  152. Zee sangam
  153. Etv Haryana/HP
  154. Zee Mp/Chattisgarh
  155. Zee Rajasthan News
  156. Jio Cinema
  157. Chardam Darshan
  158. Shri Amarnath Shrine Board
  159. MTV HD
  160. AB News
  161. Samachar Today
  162. Network 10
  163. 9 Bharat Samachar
  164. BBC Hindi
  165. Samaachar 24 HD
  166. Prudent News HD
English SD + HD Channels List (64 channels) on Jio Tv App :
  1. Cnbc tv18 prime HD
  2. Star sports 1 HD
  3. Star sports 2 HD
  4. Sony Six HD
  5. Ten1 HD
  6. Sony Espn HD
  7. Star sports 4 HD
  8. Ten Golf HD
  9. Star sports 1 select HD
  10. Star sports 2 select HD
  11. HBO HD
  12. AXN HD
  13. Sony Le Plex
  14. Movies Now HD
  15. Sony Pix HD
  16. Movies Now+ HD
  17. Romedy Now HD
  18. History tv18 HD
  19. Travel xp HD
  20. Discovery World HD
  21. Animal Planet HD
  22. TLC World HD
  23. Fyi Tv18 HD
  24. Sony BBC Earth HD
  25. Hotstar
  26. Republic Tv
  27. CNN News 18
  28. WB Tv
  29. Movies Now 2
  30. Ndtv Profit
  31. ET Now
  32. Cnbc Tv18
  33. BTVi
  34. Mirror Now
  35. Ndtv 24X7
  36. Cnn News
  37. India Today Tv
  38. Times Now
  39. BBC World News
  40. Euro News
  41. Al Jazeera News
  42. News X
  43. DW News
  44. Channel Newsasia
  45. Ten 1 Tv
  46. Ten 2 Tv
  47. Ten 3 Tv
  48. Neo Sports
  49. Neo Prime
  50. Sony Espn
  51. Discovery turbo
  52. Sonic Tv
  53. Nick Tv
  54. Nick Jr
  55. Discovery kids
  56. Toonami
  57. Ndtv Good Times
  58. Animal Planet
  59. Discovery Sci-Fi
  60. Discovery channel
  61. TLC
  62. Living Foodz
  63. News 9
  64. CVR English
Marathi SD Channels List (16 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Star Pravah HD
  2. Colors Marathi HD
  3. Maharashtra1
  4. ABP Majha
  5. Zee 24 Taas
  6. Ibn Lokmat
  7. TV9 Marathi
  8. Fakt marathi
  9. Zee Marathi
  10. Saam Tv
  11. DD Sahayadri
  12. Mi Marathi
  13. 9X Jhakaas
  14. Zee Talkies
  15. Maiboli
  16. Sangeet Marathi
Oriya SD Channels List (16 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Prathana Tv
  2. MBC Tv
  3. News 7
  4. Kalinga Tv
  5. Alankar Tv
  6. Colors Oriya
  7. Etv News Oriya
  8. DD Odiya
  9. Tarang Tv
  10. OTV Odisha Tv
  11. Naxatra News
  12. Kanak Tv
  13. News World
  14. Sarthak Tv
  15. Zee Kalinga
  16. Tarang Music
Assamese SD Channels List (12 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. News Live
  2. Janakk Tv
  3. Prag News
  4. News 18
  5. Dy365
  6. North East Live
  7. Ramdhenu Tv
  8. Pratidin News
  9. Assam Talks
  10. Rang Tv
  11. Rengoni
  12. DD North East
Gujrati SD Channels List (10 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Cnbc Bazaar Gujrati
  2. Biz News
  3. Tv9 Gujrati
  4. Etv News Gujrati
  5. ABP Asmita
  6. VTV Gujrati
  7. Gstv
  8. Sandesh News
  9. Colors Gujrati
  10. DD Girnar
Punjabi SD Channels List (6 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Chardikala time Tv
  2. Shardha MH One
  3. Zee Punjabi
  4. DD Punjabi
  5. 9X Tashan
  6. Mh1 Music
Bhojpuri SD Channels List (5 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Bhojpuri cinema
  2. Zee Purvaiyaa
  3. Etv Bihar/Jharkhand
  4. Dangal Tv
  5. Sangeet Bhojpuri
Urdu SD Channels List (5 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Channel Win
  2. Etv Urdu
  3. DD Urdu
  4. DD Kashir
  5. Zee Salaam
Nepali SD Channels List (1 channels) on Jio Tv App ::
  1. Win Tv

You can watch these channels on Big TV with Jio TV set top box that comes with Jio fiber connection. Jio also provides a dual band wifi router along with set top for a new fiber connection.