During this covid lockdown work from was priority which led to race of launching work from home packs by both Jio n Airtel.

Jio first renamed cricket Rs.251 2GB per day pack with 51 days validity as work from home pack. Then removed it altogether and instead launched Rs.151 data topup with 30GB data Rs.201 pack with 40GB data Rs.251 pack with 50GB pack. All these pack needed base pack.

Airtel increased Rs.98 pack data from 6GB to 12GB data with 28days validity intact(I think they forgot to remove validity) and introduced Rs.251 pack with 50GB data addon without validity.

Jio removed its old Rs.98 pack altogether and introduced validity to existing work from home pack Rs.251 with 50GB valid for 30days , Rs. 201 with 40GB valid for 30days Rs. 151 with 30GB valid for 30days.

Airtel removed 28days validity from existing Rs.98 pack leaving it as a data addon pack without validity with 12GB addon data.

Lots of confusion n competition. Customer gets confused too but in the end rejoice with better packs atleast for those who don’t have fixed broadband.

  • Airtel Rs.98 pack 12GB data – valid till existing base plan validity.
  • Airtel Rs.251 pack with 50GB data – valid till existing plan validity.
  • Jio Rs.151 pack with 30GB data valid for 30days.
  • Jio Rs.201 pack with 40GB data valid for 30days.
  • Jio Rs.251 pack with 50GB data valid for 30days.