Jio Rs.98 recharge plan is Rs.129 now but 1000mins offnet are incl.

Jio’s affordable plan of Rs.98 is getting a price hike from 6th Dec 2019 but we got some good news as 1000min offnet are also getting included.

After last IUC price hike Jio was already charging seprate for calls to other non-jio nos like airtel,voda,bsnl,idea @ 6p per minute even after paying this iuc charge. Unless you got lot of Rs.98 affordable smartphone plan in queue …. this one is better that current Rs.98 recharge.

Icing on cake is Jio now offering the long term plan of this affordable Rs.98/129 plan. The brand new Rs.1299 recharge with 365days validity and 12000 offnet minutes included. This make it almost like old unlimited offnet plans for low minute users.

1299/13= Rs.99.92 per 28days …. the only catch is 12months commitment. But for some this is convenience as one recharge and you are free for one year. Whichever way you look this better than current regime atleast in Jio.

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