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From 12th Oct 2019 Citibank India Credit Card won’t give points on utility bills(electricity bills, water bills, gas bills), insurance payments, school fees, college fees, any payment to govt institutions. There goes bulk point making using utility bills n insurance down the drain.

Important Update: Rewards Program Effective 12th Oct 2019, purchase transactions performed on below merchant categories will be excluded from the rewards program and rewards earning will be discontinued. There is no change to rewards earnings on other merchant categories. Also, you may continue to redeem your reward points like before. All other features and privileges on your card remain intact and you can find out more about those by visiting Merchant Category Codes (MCC)* Merchant Category

  • 4111 Transportation & Tolls
  • 4121 Transportation & Tolls
  • 4131 Transportation & Tolls
  • 4784 Transportation & Tolls
  • 4900 Utilities
  • 5960 Insurance
  • 6300 Insurance
  • 8211 Educational Institutions
  • 8220 Government Institutions
  • 8241 Educational Institutions
  • 8244 Educational Institutions
  • 8249 Educational Institutions
  • 8299 Educational Institutions
  • 9211 Government Institutions
  • 9222 Government Institutions
  • 9311 Government Institutions
  • 9399 Government Institutions
  • 9402 Government Institutions
  • 9405 Government Institutions

Note: 1. Merchant Category Codes(MCC) are allotted by VISA and MasterCard to the merchant where the purchase is made 2. The revision is applicable for Citi Rewards Card, IndianOil Citi Titanium & Platinum Card, Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Corporate Card, First Citizen Citi Titanium Golden Glow Credit Card, Citi Prestige Credit Card & CitiBusiness Card.