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Buying a phone for use in India or Shifting or Travelling to India? Time to check which phone would here and which not? Here is Spectrum band chart.

Which Operator supports what?

  • Vodafone has band 1 Band 3 Band 40 Band 41 for 4G
  • Band 1 & 8 for 3G services.
  • Band 8 & Band 3 for 2G services
  • Airtel uses Band 40 Band 1 Band 3 Band 8 for 4G services.
  • Band 1 & Band 8 for 3G services(widest 3G coverage in India).
  • Band 8 & Band 3 for 2G service.

Jio provides all india 4G service only on Band 5 Band 3 Band 40 only with voice via VoLTE. They have the widest 4G coverage even in remotest part of country.

  • Bsnl/Mtnl uses Band 1 for both 3G n 4G service.
  • Band 8 & Band 3 for 2G service (with widest 2G coverage in remote areas & awful service in cities).

As clear from above. Jio has widest 4G coverage, Airtel has widest 3G coverage, Bsnl has widest 2G coverage.