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Airtel has refarmed it’s precious 900mhz band to 4G from current 2G. It’s a good news because call drop n coverage problem would reduce drastically in Delhi NCR areas. It was a major problem for Airtel. Next is VoWIFI.

However bad news is mere 3mhz is brought to 4G fold leaving rest still for 2G voice. This means that speed won’t improve that drastically if your mobile latches to 900mhz 4G band. Though call would connect immediately if VoLTE and Band 8 is supported on your phone.

I think Airtel still has a good chunk of 2g only users in Delhi from whom it earns a good revenue with most of them recharging atleast the 129 unlimited call plan. Airtel doesn’t want to abandon them completely for now.

Glad to see Airtel moving in right direction. Hoping Voda also does same and move atleast 5mhz of total 10mhz in Delhi to 4G.