Lifetime Free Rupay Credit Card

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  • Standard Chartered Cashback Platinum Debit Card
    Get 5% cash back on all expenditure above Rs.750 at any merchant outlet. The cash back is of a maximum of INR 100 per transaction and a maximum of INR 500 per month per account. Annual fees: Rs.499+tax
    Standard Chartered Mastercard Platinum Debit Card
    Get 1 reward point for every 100 spent on merchant outlets. Redeem for cash. Points earned in a Calendar year lapse on 30th June of the next year. Annual Fees Rs.199.
  • HDFC Platinum/Gold/Titanium Debit Card
    For every Rs. 100 spent on Telecom, Utilities earn 1 Cashback point.(1% cashback)
    For every Rs. 200 spent on on Groceries, Supermarket, Restaurant, Apparels, Entertainment earn 1 Cashback point(0.5% cashback).
    Nil points in any other categories apart from the ones above.
    Maximum cap of Rs. 750 per card per month.
    Redeem for credit either online or via phonebanking directly to linked bank account.
    Annual Fees free or Rs.500+gst per year depending on account type.
  • Indusind Signature Exclusive Debit Card/Platinum Premier Debit Card
    Point based on Monthly incremental spends(max 2000 points in month each point worth 50p)
    Spend upto Rs.5,000/- 2 Points per Rs.200/-
    Between Rs.5,001/- to Rs.10,000/- 3 Points per Rs.200/-
    Between Rs.10,001/- to Rs.20,000/- 4 Points per Rs.200/-
    Between Rs.20,001/- to Rs.40,000/- 5 Points per Rs.200/-
    Spending above Rs.40,001/- 6 Points per Rs.200/-
    Annual Fees Rs.299/799 depending on account type.