After govt. regulation on telcos. Now Airtel and Bsnl has launched a sms based way to check no of mobile nos connected to your Aadhar nos to avoid any misuse.

Airtel subscribers can send SMS – “ADCHK Aadhar-Number” to 121.
Please note if your current mobile no is linked to same aadhar no then onl you’ll receive the response.
Also only Airtel nos linked to aadhar no can be checked not for other mobile connection.

Bsnl Subscribers need to send “ALIST YOUR AADHAR-NO” to 53734
You will get list of BSNL Mobile Numbers linked with your Aadhaar by SMS.

Jio subscribers can check via my-jio app. Sms based system is not ready. You can check it only for aadhar linked to your current jio sim number. On left of link new account you’ll see in red “accounts to be linked” message which shows no of sim with same aadhar no but not linked to account.