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Airtel is again competing with Jio’s Rs.98 with it’s segmented offer for selected users. Again offer is not available to everyone. So customer’s need to check offer via selected ways before availing the offer.

This offer was flashed before Jio’s Rs.98 plan introduction however was removed within 2 days.  This time it’s back and here to stay. It’s a new in history of telecom anywhere worldwide. Operators are vouching for below Rs.100 STV which included voice,sms and data.

Here is comparison of Jio Rs.98 vs Airtel Rs93

  • Free roaming calls + local + std (same)
  • Free 100sms per day (same)
  • 2GB(Jio) vs 1GB(1GB) data
  • Jio Tv vs Airtel Tv
  • Jio tunes free vs paid airtel caller tunes

If you use less than 1GB mobile data then better go for the operator which got better coverage in your regularly visited areas along with steady n reliable speeds in peak hours or whenever you use the data most.