Certainly tariff war is happening and we are back to old days of Aircel pocket internet when 2GB data was offered by Aircel in Rs.98 days. Those were the 2g days when even 2g data was precious. Airtel and Hutch launched 1GB data in Rs.98 in reply to Aircel attractive plans in those days.

Now we have same Airtel offering three times the data in same Rs.98 that too on 4G/ 3G network in addition to 2G. Ofcourse this offer is segmented and for certain users only. Here is way to check offer on your Airtel number.

Though 1GB for Rs.98 is available for everyone here in Delhi. Now this is  same data offer Airtel launched many years back in reply to Aircel pocket internet 2GB in 98 offer.

Again for clarity, 1GB in Rs.98 is available to everyone while 3GB in Rs.98 is for selected few.

Jio doesn’t has any thing to offer at below price point. Making this attractive for low usage users. Jio’s lowest four weeks(28days) plan starts at Rs.149. Though in recent tariff hike they change data limit from 2GB per month to 150MB per day just to make other longer validity recharge plan attractive.