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Many people don’t know however Airtel offers wireless plans for home on its 4G network. These plans are cheaper than normal wifi hotspot or mobile plans as home router is fixed at home location.
This 4G home wifi router costs Rs.2500 and looks something like this
airtel 4g home wifi router

Now lets have a look at plans on these plans

Plan 595
Free data 3GB

Plan 995
Free data 10GB

Plan 1295
Free data 15GB

Plan 1995
Free data30GB

Plan 2995
Free data 50GB

Plan 4995
Free data 100GB

Plan 7995
Free data 160GB

Problem with these plans is that after free data usage is over charges of 20p/MB or Rs.200/GB (approx) is applicable till the bill cap amount which more than twice the initial rental amount.
While normal wired plans give 512kbps unlimited after initial FUP data gets over these plans can be costly if you bypass the fup limit. However still good for people who don’t have proper broadband options can keep themselves under control by checking data usage on regular intervals.