Tikona new 10mbps broadband plans 1mbps post fup

Tikona the fixed wireless home service provider has launched new 10Mbps plans with upload speed of 512kbps and post Fup speed of 1mbps. Total of 4 new plans with pre-fup speed of 10mbps has been launched. Previously 4mbps was the highest speed. Tikona works of fixed wifi point to multipoint technology. Problem is their tower get overloaded pretty easily as they don’t have upper limit to no of connections on each tower of a given area. Also their postpaid service is pretty flawed as suggested by many online users. Still many places have option either Mtnl/Bsnl option or Tikona which has very attractive plans compared to Bsnl.

Also for many users Tikona is working very good till date. For those whom it still it is working here is 10mbps plans details…

Plan 799
DL speed 10mbps till 20GB 1Mbps after that.
UL speed 512kbps

Plan 999
DL speed 10mbps till 35GB 1Mbps after that.
UL speed 512kbps

Plan 1499
DL speed 10mbps till 75GB 1Mbps after that.
UL speed 512kbps

Plan 1999
DL speed 10mbps till 130GB 1Mbps after that.
UL speed 512kbps


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