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In Delhi – NCR we have two adsl broadband plan options. To remind you how costly 4mbps plans are have a look at cheapest 4mbps plans we have from one of two leading adsl providers. One is our own Mtnl the operator that claims to provide cheapest gsm service in Delhi provide how costly and rip off plans in adsl segment are where it has near monopoly in last mile copper connectivity.
Have a look at cheapest Mtnl 4mbps plan in comparison of Airtel’s

Mtnl vs Airtel

Freedom 1395-Combo vs Fast 899

Upto 4 Mbps upto 60 GB vs Upto 4 Mbps till 5 GB thereafter 512 Kbps

Rental: Rs.1445 vs 899

Free calls: 200calls vs zero
Mtnl plan is Rs.446 costlier than airtel plan though it has more data and free calls than airtel plans but point here is no low cost plan for 4mbps speed requirement users. Mtnl still lives in old ages and thinks 2mbps is enough for all low casual users.
Any retired/pension users may need 10GB data with 4mbps or even 8mbps plan however Mtnl is adamant to user needs.