Bsnl FTTH is available in limited cities. Bsnl is currently offering plans from 2mbps to 60mbps on FTTH.
There is confusion regarding list of plans available on FTTH here is list with few details
Activation/Installation charges for Bsnl FTTH connection is Rs.500+taxes
While security deposit for ONT(fiber modem) is Rs.1000 which is refundable however Rs.150 per month rental charges per month need to be paid and if you need modem plus wifi router then rental would Rs.200 per month.

Unlimited Plans
BBG UL 545@
BBG Combo UL 675
BBG Combo ULD 845
BBG Combo ULD 945
BBG Combo ULD 990 ASOM
BBG Combo ULD 1445
BBG Combo ULD 3500
BBG Combo ULD 999
BBG Combo ULD 1441
BBG Combo ULD 1495
BBG Super Speed Combo 1745
BBG ULD 1891
BBG Combo ULD 2091
BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295
BBG ULD 2641
BBG ULD 2645
BBG Combo ULD 2799
BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841
BBG Super Speed Combo 2845
BBG Super Speed Combo 3445
BBG Combo ULD 6300
FiBro ULD 3999
FiBro ULD 5999
FiBro ULD 9999
FiBro ULD 16999

Limited Usage Plans
BBG 375
BBG CNT Combo 630
BBG Speed Combo 3899
BBG Super Speed Combo 5249
BBG Super Speed Combo 7349