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Airtel 299 infinity plan is cheapest plan in infinity plans range with unlimited local & std calls.

₹299 infinity plan 

  • unlimited local calls
  • unlimited std calls
  • incoming roaming free calls
  • 600MB 3G/4G data included which can be carried forward
  • sms in home circle ₹1 local /₹1.5 std
  • Roaming outgoing calls 80p(local)/1.15(std)
  • sms in roaming circle 0.25p(local)/0.38p(std)

Good plan for anyone who makes loads of calls staying in home circle only & using 300MB-500MB data (if you got wifi in home n office place). This plan is not for frequent roamers & heavy data users.

In comparison is Jio ₹309 plan with unlimited free calls even in roaming + 1GB 4G data everyday.