Best Wifi Routers for Excitel Broadband Service

Excitel Broadband is Fiber based Broadband provider launched in Delhi NCR area & now covers few parts of Hyderabad also.

It has revolutionized the broadband speed in Delhi NCR market with it’s true Unlimited Plans.

Plans without any FUP is it’s USP. Even Act has launched True Unlimited plans in Delhi to compete with Excitel.

It current plans are 50mbps, 75mbps & 100mbps.

For which normal wireless router may not be able to achieve the required speed specially for last 100mbps plan.

As normal 300mbps router speed vary from 30-130mbps depending on distance from router, no other wifi networks in same channel, your wifi receiver.

If you are trying speedtest on mobile then make sure your mobile also supports multiple channels. As if your mobile support single channel you won’t be able to cross 50-60mbps speed. It’s same as single N router called 150mbps Dual N 300mbps and triple N450mbps. To achieve the speed make sure your mobile/laptop/desktop wifi adapter also support it.

So if you are opting for 100mbps plan better get grooving to a new router.

I’ll recommend N450 router minimum with AC band aka 5GHZ as addon.

Below is the list of Best router for now.

D-link though cheaper have bad reviews in most products in India.

Netgear have good range of stable product but their after sales service in India needs complete overhaul.

Also their low end routers are deprived of many useful functions like bandwidth management and torrent downloader. These functions can be found inĀ  most of Tp-link n Asus even basic routers.

I’ll recommend for TP-link wholeheartedly for best VFM products , Good wifi range, UI with many useful features. Their support is also better than others.

Asus is VFM in upper range routers with good stable firmware & featureful UI.


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