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Act broadband has launched first of it’s kind FUP free true unlimited plans in Delhi. This first time Act has launched true unlimited plan anywhere in the country.  Even in Hyderabad Act/Beam Fibernet home city no true unlimited plans are available. Delhi is currently most competitive market in terms of true unlimited broadband plans.


Act broadband launched in Delhi around one year back. Most of the plans were FUP based like it was providing in market of Bangalore & Chennai nowhere like Hyderabad though. Though in past 3 months has started rapid expansion in all over city.

On other hand Delhi got it’s own avatar of FUP free isp called Excitel which started around 2 years back. Has constantly increased the speed of it’s plan at same price point. Excitel launched at 4mbps unlimited in Rs.749 and within 2 years provide 50mbps @ Rs.800 only.

Other operator like

  • Hathway provide 50mbps true unlimited in Rs.999+tax
  • Siti Cable provide 10mbps unlimited in Rs.849+tax
  • Den Boomband provides 7mbps unlimited in Rs.700+tax