Looking for Samsung Geysers for your home bathroom or kitchen with right price in India? Well you are at right place. Automatic water geyser switch off the thermostat when temperature inside the water heater geyser reaches the desired level. 15Liters is the ideal size for Indian family home.

However currently Samsung doesn’t manufacture or sell water heater geyser in India. So better look at other reliable brands with automatic water geysers in 15 Liters range.

We recommend AO Smith & Havells Water geyser as an alternative to Samsung Water Geyser. Both offer glass lined inner water tank and heating element for corrosion. Both have thermostat and extra safety valve for over heat protection.

AO Smith Water GeysersHavells Water Geysers

Havells for extra elcb protection too along with free water pipes and installation. AO smith is usa leader in water heater geysers only and is only brand to offer glass lined protection even in instant water geysers.