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Nextra fiber has launched new plans with minimum speed of 50mbps replacing it’s old unlimited plans. These plans got generous data with option to select speed and quota. One can opt for same plan rate with different speeds obviously higher the speed comes with lower quota.

These plans are reply to 50mbps plan of Excitel Broadband , HathwayDen broadband in Delhi Ncr. Nextra is already offering Nfinity plans without any FUP in selective colonies wherever it is facing high competition.

Best part is post FUP speed is 2mbps in all these plans thats 4times the standard 512kbps offered by Airtel Broadband in Delhi Ncr.

Though even after these revisions some of these plans (not all ) are still costly in comparison to Excitel or Hathway broadband plans. However it’s a step in right direction and many users gonna cherish these new plans as Nextra got good uptime reviews.

Check the 50mbps & 75mbps plan in below image. Plan 799+tax with 200GB quota @ 50mbps speed is enough for most normal day to day users. In case you want more quota get 500GB in Rs.999+tax or 750GB in Rs.1199+tax or 1TB data in Rs.1999+tax.

nextra dhaakad plans delhi 50mbps 75mbps

200mbps plan is new speed milestone for Delhi NCR areas as most provider give only upto 100mbps plan here check 200mbps plan image below. Though cities like Hyderabad & Chennai have climbed gigabyte speed ladder with offerings from Act BB & Cherrinet resp.

Another thing to note is that higher speed plans got missing on plan with higher quota which is quite ironic as higher speed users should have bigger data quota. So no 1Terabyte plan @ 100mbps speed and at 200mbps speed even 500GB plan is missing leave aside TB thing.

nextra delhi plans fiber 100mbps 200mbps