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Airtel v Fiber is Vdsl based vectoring last mile technology used on existing copper. Instead of adsl modem an upgraded vdsl modem is required. Airtel is currently providing two models of vdsl modems both are 300N wifi + vdsl combo router.

Speed of 25mbps to 100mbps can be achieved depending on distance from the exchange box. From where main Airtel fiber feed starts. All wires are underground which is the biggest advantage of Airtel Broadband in terms of reliability in comparison to other over the pole fiber provider like Act, Hathway, Siti, Excitel etc.

Two models are

Cost of both these modem is Rs.1000 charged in 5 installment of Rs.200+tax by Airtel in bill.
Though some users have reported airtel is giving it free if you are a higher plan user or can get free from retention department.