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Sbi issues various debit cards for various account holders on basis of account type, customer requirements or request. These card are issued automatically on type of account opened. Customer can selectively apply for a particular variant of card however full annual fees will be deducted from account from first year only.

  • Sbi Classic card is issued to users with basic savings account. This card maybe visa/maestro or Rupay card.
    ATM Limit: Rs.40,000 Shopping Limit: Rs.50,000, fees Rs.100+tax per annum renewal.
  • Sbi Silver card is issued to users with current account. This card is Silver visa/mastercard card.
    ATM Limit: Rs.40,000 Shopping Limit: Rs.75,000, fees Rs.150+tax per annum renewal.
  • Sbi Gold card is issued to users with premium savings account. This card gold visa/mastercard card.
    ATM Limit: Rs.50,000 Shopping Limit: Rs.2,00,000, fees Rs.150+tax per annum renewal.
  • Sbi Platinum card is issued to users on request. This card visa is platinum card.
    ATM Limit: Rs.100,000 Shopping Limit: Rs.2,00,000 Issuance fees Rs.306 renewal Rs.200+tax per annum.

Card replacement charges is same Rs. 204/- (including service tax) for all variant while points earned on shopping under rewardz program is same 1point for every Rs.200 spent.
They also offer contactless card for each variant of card which can be used for NFS payments. Contactless cards are issued at selective branch subject to availability.