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Jio has extended it’s new year offer till 15th April 2017 giving customers more time to recharge. However you’ll face degraded data if not recharged in these days. Degradation of service is admitted by Jio first time in speech letter given on 31st March 2017. Many people after prime announcement  also reported that they were getting better dat speeds recharge after Prime Rs.99 recharge was done. Degradation of service basically means that either your speed would slow down to some limit or your data packets would be  last one in  queue whenever congestion occurs.

This extension of free days for 15 days was done to avoid last minute rush as many people were trying to recharge their jio no with Prime offer on last day only. There were reports that Jio’s billdesk payment gateway crashed on 31st march 2017 morning. Even the main site was slow whole day. Paytm removed jio option from recharge menu due large amount of failed transaction as Jio backend was slow with overload.

Along with this was announced Jio summer offer where any customer who recharged with Rs.99+303 or above would get free extension till 30th June 2016 and their 303 or above recharge done would start from 1st July 2017.