In reign of unlimited voice 4G VoLTE calling started by Jio, Rcom is still banking on old 2g/3g customers. Rcom has introduced new Rs.19 STV which reduces local & std calling rate to flat 20p/min for 28days. This is a good plan for low call users with no data needs.

Rcom during demonetization drive launched Rs.501 unlimited calling recharge with 3months free calling and 1GB data & recently launched recharge with unlimited calling+1Gb data for 28days. In comparison Jio is providing 2GB data to prime members in Rs.149 recharge.

Let’s compare Jio Rs.149 recharge with this Rs.19 Rcom STV. Now if you recharge with Rs.19 rcom STV then Rs.149-19= Rs.130/20p(rcom call rate)= 650 minutes. So if you make less than 650minutes of calling then only Rs.19 STV is beneficial for you only & only if you don’t have 4G handset. If you got 2G/3G handset then Rcom Rs.501 recharge is best suited. And if 3G smartphone then you also have option of using jio mifi device to access free calling and 4G data.