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Airtel Broadband has again(in less than 3 months) updated it’s broadband plans in Delhi NCR Circle. Airtel is facing stiff competition in wireline broadband market thanks to true unlimited 20mbps Excitel broadband plans. Company is facing higher churn rate in last quarter of 2016 forcing it to make it’s one market plans more attractive.

899 plan which used to offer 5GB data in 2014-15 was later increased to 8GB then to 10GB —> to 30GB is doubled to 60GB. Similarly plan 1099 which use to offer 20GB in past is now upped to 50GB 90GB with increased speed of 40mbps instead of 16mbps. Plan 1299 increased with 75GB 125GB data and Plan 1499 with 100GB 125GB data now. All these plans are updated as they don’t match even with wireless plans offered by Jio 4G while wired broadband offer is way ahead with 1TB plans of Hathway or unlimited plans of Siti Cable, Nextra or Excitel.

Also only 899plan is on 16mbps speed rest all plans offer 40mbps speed on Airtel vfiber /VDSL technology. Airtel uses old copper wires on POTS service using Vdsl to offer broadband speeds though this tech is good for now however it can’t compare with 1gbps speed capability of docscis / FTTH technology which is future for wired broadband world over.