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Gigabit broadband is starting to be new trend for Indian wired broadband service. ACT broadband was first broadband provider to launch it in India for it’s Hyderabad customers. Within few weeks Cherrinet has launched it in first in Chennai. Minimum plan for Gigabit broadband is Rs.10,000 which is higher than ACT’s Rs.6000 in Hyderabad though Data limit is double.

Cherrinet Gigabi broaband service is very costlier for now. Though we expect the price to drop very sooner with expected competitive plans from ACT & Hathway broadband service. Another good thing about these plans is post FUP speed of 10mbps. Though one would find 10mbps too slow after tasting Gigabits speeds.

Chennai is hotbed for broadband competition in India after Hyderabad. In Chennai Providers like ACT, Hathway, Cherrinet & Airtel are putting up very competitive show. ACT & Cherrinet are using FTTN technology which gigabit ready. Hathway is using Docsis 3.0 tech which can easily be upgraded to Docsis 3.1 for gigabit speeds. Airtel is using Vdsl all over Chennai which is capable of 40-100mbps depending on cable lenght. However Airtel is reported to be upgrading to FTTH for selected areas depending upon viability. Airtel has advantage of using underground cable for vdsl technology while other three operators ACT, Cherrinet, Hathway are using over the head wires for last mile.