How to port your no from Idea Cellular sim to Jio 4G sim

If you are using Idea sim on 2g/ 3g or 4g handset and plan to use same old Idea number on Jio 4G network then these are the steps to do it right first time.

1.) Make sure you have got Jio invite code. Some Reliance Digital store are doing it without invite code however most local recharge shop are still asking for it.

2.) Keep your Aadhar card ready. Make sure it’s from same state as the one you are buying sim from.

3.) Generate porting code by sending sms from your existing idea sim card type “port XXXXXXXXX” where xxx is your ten digit mobile no and send it to 1900.

4.) You’ll receive sms with porting reference code within few minutes. Take this code along with jio invite code to nearest shop with jio sim card.

3 Things required for porting your no to Jio
1.) Jio invite code
2.) Aadhar Card of same state as your mobile no.
3.) Porting code of your existing mobile no.
4G handset is also a must however you won’t get Jio invite code easily without an handset.
Somehow if you get the jio invite code without Jio 4G handset using any trick means you are technical enough to know Jio won’t work on 3G handset.

When Jio retailer would do ekyc in his mobile via finger print scanner all he need to do is select option of MNP instead of new sim card. On selecting MNP they need to enter (mobile no, UPC code and generation date) which you got in porting code generated on step 3.

Also person holding aadhar card personally need to be present for finger print verification for instant ekyc to be done. No gets ported in 5-7 working days of request.

If you don’t have aadhar card of same state or don’t have uidai at all then manual documentation would be needed which all retailer don’t want to do. According to retailers currently Jio is not paying any activation fees to them as service is completely free. So retailer may ask you for additional amount for manual documentation.


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