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On occasion of Republic Day 2017 Bsnl is set to announce Rs.26 STV unlimited local + std calls with validity of 26hours. Yes it sounds super stupid to keep validity in such a way but bsnl is known for this.

So if you recharge the with Rs26 on 26 Jan 2017 9:00am then unlimited calls would be valid till 27 Jan 2017 till 11:00am.

Here it may be noted that free calls are valid in home circle only.
Offer would be valid from 25th Jan 2017 till 31st march 2017.

Bsnl is already giving away unlimited calls in Rs.339 voucher valid for 28days. Also in Rs.99 to Rs.149 voucher for Bsnl to Bsnl unlimited calls.
Bsnl Landline with unlimited calls and 2mbps fup free broadband is available for Rs.1199+tax.