Idea Rs.348 is not unlimited 300mins daily limit apply

Yes you read it correct. Idea’s new Rs.348 voucher with unlimited calls as claimed by company is not actually unlimited. If you notice the small condition star attached to this plan mentioned at bottom it clearly says that 30p per minute would be charged for usage above 300mins per day or 1200mins per week. This comes out to meagre 5000mins per month which clearly is not unlimited calls .

This STV should not be used for any commercial activity. Commercial activity will mean customers using the said product for calling 100 unique callers in a week or more than 300 mins in a day or 1200 mins in a week. For any customer found violating any of these conditions, tariff @ Rs 0.30/min will be applicable.

Bsnl, Airtel and Vodafone doesn’t mention any such restriction for now.
Update: Airtel & Vodafone have same limit which they mentioned no where

However similar restriction is placed by Aircel on it’s Rs.249 voucher.

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