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Idea Punjab is giving away 500MB data (250MB 4G/3G/2G network + 250MB only 4G network) in Rs.104 only. Users having 4G handsets can enjoy full data benefits of 500MB while the users having 3G handset can enjoy only 250MB of 3G data. For accessing the other 250MB customer must have 4G handsets.
These offers are being launched to tackle the competition from Jio free data offer. Additional data is being offered in 4G network only because these operator have spare data capacity in 4G network only. 3G network would be unable to tackle additional load without getting choked. As Jio offer is for 4G handsets only so this 4G only data offer is launched by Idea, Vodafone and Airtel all over India to tackle it.

Another Rs.112 recharge offer gives 250 MB 4G/3G data + 250 MB Night data(12am to 6am) which can be enjoyed by both 3G and 4g handset users.
So if you are using 3G only handset then we recommend to recharge Rs.112 while for 4G handset users try the first offer of Rs.104 as the additional 4G data doesn’t have any time limitation. Idea has got very good coverage in Punjab be it 4G(Band 3 1800mhz) or 3G(band 1 2100mhz). So better upgrade to a 4G handset soon if you havn’t done till now.