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Today, India’s Telecom Regulator TRAI ordered that Reliance Jio Free 4G tariff offer which is called Jio Welcome offer(JWO) can not be extended for new customers opting for this offer after 3rd December 2016. This on TRAI tariff rule which says promotional tariff can’t be extended for more than 90days(stupid TRAI). That means from Jio official launch date which is 5th September 2016 till 90days which is 3rd Dec 16 this offer has to end.

All existing customers who brought sim till 3rd Dec 2016 can enjoy Jio welcome offer till 31st Decemeber 2016.
For customers who buy sim card under jio welcome offer on or after 3rd Dec 2016 would get some other that would be announced by Jio soon.

Actually COAI has made complaint against predatory pricing by Jio welcome offer which is putting bad effect on their data revenue. Ironically Jio is also part of COAI which is the leading cellular association body consisting all major gsm providers.

Jio on other hand is complaining about lack Poi which lead to call drops. Coai which is majorly voice of Airtel, Idea & Vodafone has said Jio to launch service first then only they would know the actual voice traffic and would provide POI n basis of that.