Massaging your baby is one of few skin to skin exercise from mother to baby, father to baby or grandmother/grandfather to the baby. It was done in old times, recommended in Ayurveda and in current times proved beneficial by consecutive scientific studies. Massaging help connects bond between mother and baby. Messaging before bath and before night sleep are said to be the best time. Infact some experts suggest massaging as much as 5 times a day.

baby massage oil india

Best baby massage oil in summer: 

In summer best baby massage oil is coconut oil as written in vedaas. Coconut water is known for its refreshment and health benefits. Similarly it’s oil was also considered coolest during ancient Indian times.

Best baby massage oil for fair skin: 

Though there is no particular oil for fair skin massage oil in babies. However we recommend to avoid olive oil as it may darken the baby skin if used frequently. Many mommies online have reported their babies skin got lighter in colour as they stopped using olive oil. Also darken skin is healthier for human as they are less adverse to sunlight, allergies ,wrinkles and skin problems.

Best baby massage oil for strong bones:

For stronger bones coconut oil and sesame oil are the best according to ayurveda. However we recommend to use coconut oil in summer and sesame oil in winter. Another good option is Olive oil again if darkening of skin is not a problem.

Avoid mineral oil(can cause cancer according to reports) and any kind of refined oils. Best option would be cold pressed oils variant for baby massage.

Best top 3 baby massage oil in India:

  1. Coconut Oil (use unrefined, non perfumed and better if cold pressed) – Best suited for summers of India.
  2. Sesame Oil (use unrefined, non perfumed and better if cold pressed) – Best suited for winterss of India.
  3. Olive Oil – Use only if you are not concerned about skin darkening as reported by many Indian moms online.