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LG launched 2023 AC series called Viraat in India with new viraat mode where one can run AC on 110% capacity of the AC. Now most people are asking which one to buy?

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star 2023 Viraat Split AC LG 1.5 Ton 4 Star 2023 Viraat Split AC
Model No : RS-Q19YNZEModel No : RS-Q19ENYE1
4600W cooling capacity5000W cooling capacity
1130 Watts max power consumption 1500 Watts max power consumption
ISEER Value: 5.2ISEER Value: 4.62
Annual Energy Consumption: 685.26 Units Per YearAnnual Energy Consumption: 838.67 Units Per Year
Rest same features as 4 starRest same features as 5 star
Check 5star ac price on amazon.inCheck 4star ac price on
Other Features Other Features

A thing to note is that the 5star AC model no RS-Q19YNZE has just 4600w cooling capacity which makes it more of a 1.4ton AC rather than 1.5ton AC while the 4 star Ac model no RS-Q19ENYE1 has 5000w while the price difference is mere ₹4000 in both currently. Here if you have a big room or top floor room then 4star model is recommended while for any small room or near ground floor room better buy 5star ac.

Our Verdict: Buy 4 star and run it at 80% mode to achieve same cooling efficiency as 5 star AC.