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Many people complains about Jio 4G network problems, call connectivity problems etc.
In my opinion all these problem would be gone after 1st Jan 2017 when Jio would start charging customers for data.

Five major reasons to think about that:
1. Only paying users on network all freeloaders gone
2. On facing so much abuse from thes freeloaders network is tested for all the rough patches. for eg: even though speeds are less at many places but still network is always up.
3. All the users would be high-end users having 4g+volte phones or mifi device who would be informed n educated putting less stress on customer care department. means better service.
4. Jio will be value for money for high usage customers only those who pays more than 300 per month.
5. Carrier aggregation upgrade once implemented would solve many speed related problems even in outskirts
Jio is the only VoLTE and SRVCC enabled 4G network in India today which means no call lost while changing over to 2G/3G network for voice calls. As all incumbent operators have configured the SIM to preferentially latch on to 3G for voice calls, this will mean that your handset is switching between and is registered to not one but two power guzzling networks, which is potentially bad news for your battery.

Eg is Airtel the only network with a pan India 3G presence and hence is most likely to use 3G as fallback rather than 2G. Others will not bother due to not having pan India 3G and they would not want to share voice revenue with their ICRA partners. CSFB ensures death of HD Voice calling as AMR-WB can only be implemented in a limited lower quality version on a 2G network. Furthermore, only one operator in India does it.

So, by going for CSFB based network you are losing out on voice quality, QoS and battery life. The best alternatives are to choose Jio or choose a strong 3G operator instead of CSFB based LTE.