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Here is list of Broadband provider in South Delhi.

  • Airtel Xstream Fiber– Fiber based broadband provider. Postpaid with best customer support.
  • Jio Fiber – Jio provide good enough service and only provider to offer 500mbps plans. Their OTT+broadband package are value for money.
  • ACT Fibernet– They are FTTx player with junction box installed at someone home. Their 1Gbps plan @ 1999 offers incredible value in comparison to competition. Most plans have Netflix inbuilt.
  • Excitel fiber – A fiber based provider with local cable net provider as franchise. True Unlimited plans. Service depends mostly the local provider of that area. Long term plans are incredible vfm.
  • Spectra – Available in few areas but first one to offer 1gbps true unlimited in Rs.1400. Prepaid only.
  • Hathway– Another Docsis based cable net provider with upto 50mbps standard plans. Now offering fiber in few areas. Plans are not bad. Prepaid but spam a lot for recharge.
  • Den Broadband– Docsis based cable internet provider with upto 100mbps plans. Generous plans with good post data fup speed. Customer care is a problem sometimes. Prepaid only.
  • Nextra– Another isp which claims fiber based tech but uses ethernet cable for last mile connectivity. Plans are costly in comparison all other cable isp. Provides business broadband only.
  • Siti Broadband– docsis based. Recent plans have been unlimited with hidden fup. But still very cheap. prepaid.
  • Tikona– Wireless provider provide net via long range wifi equipment installed at customer rooftop. Better avoid it if living in an apartment. Frequent over load issues. Postpaid with lot of billing issues.

Remember isp provided wifi routers are good for plan till 50-100mbps only with device limit upto 10-15. If you plan to use plans greater than 100mbps with 20-30 devices then try wifi 6 routers. For coverage problem use wifi range extenders or even better try mesh routers with fast roaming.