Step by Step procedure to pair your universal remote that you got with Tata Sky Binge+ android smart dth set top box. We are mentioning the short code method here.

Below Procedure will set your Power button , volume button + & Volume – button for TV on Univ remote:
  • Press Select & 6-no key simultaneously on your remote till the blue light blink twice and switches on
  • Now leave the above button and make sure blue light is on.
  • Now switch on the tv and be within 3 ft of tv and point the remote towards tv.
  • Long Press the number key button according to tv manufacturer name first alphabet in below chart.
  • For example for samsung or sony tv we will press key no 7 as both start with S
  • When the tv screen turns off and goes to standby mode release the no key quickly.
  • You will also notice that the blue led has turned off.
  • Now press the TV power button again to check if universal remote has been programmed properly.

Note: If TV power button is working fine after the above steps however volume button are still changing set top box volume then you can switch to tv volume button by pressing vol+ and select button continuously and also switch back to stb volume control via same key combination.