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Jio might be making you think their 198 10mbps is a prepaid plan but no its a postpaid plan with advance rental of 5months each time.

Rental is ₹198+gst=233.64 per month however you need to pay 198*5=₹1169 each time to avail this plan.

This plan is available to new postpaid customers only. Existing postpaid or prepaid customers can’t shift to this plan. Also once you move from this plan to any other non-backup plan like 399 or above then later you can’t move back to this plan.

To opt for this plan as a new customer one need to pay 500+gst additional one time charge too.

Also to avail the set top box you need to pay entertainment 99 or ent+199 ott pack advance rental for 5 months too.

So if you starting cost comes to

  • ₹1757 if you fiber internet connection only with 198 @10mbps speed.
  • ₹2341 if you want both internet+stb with ENT 99 plan (FTA channels mostly).
  • ₹2931 if you want both inertnet+stb with ENT 199plan (fta+paid channels).