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Confused whether you should upgrade to Tata Play Binge+ Box or get a new Jio Fiber Stb box with that Jio fiber broadband connection.

Lets compare both Binge+ & Jio Fiber Set Top Box:

1.) Type of User: If you have parents or oldies in house who always like to view channels as old set top box use to work i.e. open the box enter channel no and voila. Here this Jio set top box can be a compromise as you can watch channel with a channel no however you have to go to jiotv+ app and enter channel no. Bigger problem here is each time you have to change channel you have to go back via back button and then press the channel no. again or can browse through. On the other hand Tata sky binge+ offers the same old traditional channels viewing experience as it has a dth system inbuilt. Favourite channel system can a another advantage of Tata Play Binge+ box which is another feature of DTH.

2.) Ease of Use: Jio tv set top box is slicker out of both also it has a faster reboot time while Tata Play binge+ box takes a lot time to startup. In jio stb ott app too open very easily while Tata sky binge+ takes a fair longer to open OTT app. In tata play binge+ switching between dth and ott also takes time while jio channels are mostly on demand so channels are opened within app only.

3.) Cost: At current price Jio Set top box cost Rs.1000(1 box only) for prepaid jio fiber connection while Tata sky box cost Rs.1800 if brought online as a upgrade. OTT subscription of jio cost Rs.199 with 399 plan and is free for 999 plan and above. While Tata sky binge+ ott plan cost Rs.149 without sonyliv with extra DTH NCF of Rs.153 payable for fta channels.

We recommend Jio set top box if parents won’t be watching the TV like if it is for your personal room. If TV is installed in parents room only then let it be on old DTH HD box only. However if everyone is watching the tv and is in living/main room then Tata sky binge+ can be a good option.

Jio STB is superior as its faster and made for user comfort in mind. Tata Binge box is made to increase revenue of Tata play with no customer ease at mind. So if your parents can adjust then better give Jio stb a try. You can have a look at Jio backup 398+gst plan for full HD streaming with all the channels and OTT subscription + free calls + 10mbps internet.