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Asianet broadband offers fiber based high speed wifi internet service in Kerala state of India. Most of these broadband service involves local franchise as a last mile operator who manages fiber line from pole to pole to customer premises.

Currently Asianet Broadband offers three plans for new users:

SpeedDurationInstallation costInitial CostEffective renewal cost
150mbps unlimited1 monthRs.1000Rs.1999Rs.999 per month
125mbps unlimited5 monthszeroRs.3499Rs.700 per month
200mbps unlimited4 monthszeroRs.3999Rs.999 per month

As you can see for long term plans the installation cost is zero and effective price is also low. We recommend to use long term plan in initial period and later one can renew month to month based on the offer shown in app or website of Asianet broadband portal.