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So you opted for 1gbps plan on Jio Fiber Broadband and getting only 300-500mbps speeds only? Let’s solve this ….

Firstly test whether this speed you are getting is over wifi or wired ethernet cable? Only Wired cable on default Jio router can give around 1gbps speeds. If testing via wifi then you know where the problem is. Test again via laptop having gigabit ethernet card and connect via Cat 5e cable. Now if wired speeds are working at 800-950mbps level then you are probably good to go as these are normal speeds for 1gbps connection.

For wifi speeds there could many reason for getting such a low speeds.

  1. If you are getting less than 125mbps speeds then your wifi device is not connecting to wifi5 band of Jio router or doesn’t supports 5ghz band at all.
  2. If you are getting less than 300mbps speed then most probably your wifi client supports only 40mhz of wifi 5 speeds.
  3. However if you have newer device like latest samsung or Aplle iphone then your speed may be hovering at 400-600mbps here problem is the default Jio Router which only supports 867mbps theoretical speed on 80mhz band. This comes to round 500-600mbps real life speeds.

Switch to Wifi 6 Router in 3rd case problem and use it as a access point as Jio won’t allow full router functions via bridge mode. One also try mesh routers too if multi floor coverage is needed.

Don’t expect your speed test to touch 1gbps speed. There are overheads and most servers don’t support 1gbps speeds to a single user. On speed test server you will see 800-900mbps speed if the server is of Jio itself else in real life you’ll notice that most download or upload will max up to 400-600mbps.