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Excitel broadband is now offering double speed of it’s 100mbps fiber plans at the same price. New speed will be valid on recharge done after 07th May 2022 all over India. Prices for renewal remains same at Rs.699+gst for 3 month, ₹616+gst for 6 months and ₹472+gst for 12 months.

Other than this 200mbps plan speed is now upgraded to 300mbps i.e. 50% speed increase at same price. While 300mbps plan speed is now 400mbps fiber speed. We feel that price did increased a little at some slabs however for long term plans they are almost same. Seems like Excitel wants its users to opt for long term plans by giving hefty upfront discount. This way users gets locked to provider and can’t change even if the service discrepancy happens from LCO side.