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Major provider like Airtel broadband and ACT broadband have 500mbps plans missing in most of India. Even Excitel doesn’t offer any 500mbps plan though it offers max 300mbps plans in most of India. Only Tata Play Fiber and Jio Fiber offer 500mbps plans.

500mbps is normal speed limit for most of AC1200 gigabit routers which are the most selling router of India. So if you connect to 5ghz band of AC1200 router at 867mbps link speed then mostly you’ll get 450-550mbps wifi speed. So 500 is kind of crucial point for current most of wifi clients and router sold in India.

We currently have 2 widely available pan-India plans:

  • Tata Play Fiber 500mbps @ ₹2300+gst per month.
  • Jio Fiber 500mbps plan @ Rs.2499+gst per month.

Mtnl fiber offers cheapest 500mbps plan in Delhi for Rs.1111+gst with 1.5TB data limit. Though Mtnl has very limited fiber coverage in Delhi itself. We hope Airtel launches 500mbps plan soon to spur competition for other isps.