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Airtel has started offering vdsl plans to its users in select areas of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.
Under project leap airtel promised all current adsl areas to either vdsl or fiber over next few years.
From last few months we can see the results where the service is being offered to few test users in different areas of Delhi Ncr. Though it would still take lot of time for services to be available to substantial amount of users however now that airtel has published the tariff of 40mbps on its website for Delhi NCR we thought it is worth the post.

40Mbps plans on website are vdsl plans though vdsl technology can achieve speed upto 100mbps.
I think initially Airtel engineers don’t wanna take any chances also leaving room for upgrade in future plans.
Also to note is that all plans in 40mbps speed are Rs.2000+ for Noida and Rs.2500+ for Delhi n Gurgaon.
So nothing for lower end users for now. Though we hope more plans get launch as vdsl tech gets mainstream in Airtel.