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With Reliance Jio launch pending all incumbent operators which include broadband division of Airtel are buckling up. Airtel has increased data usage and speed of its 899 plan from 5Gb to 10GB and speed from upto 4mbps to upto 8mbps. Also included free unlimited calling to any phone all over India. Previously one has to pay either Rs.49 for free local calls or Rs.99 per month for local+std calls. This plan is now called 899 Rapid max plan.
Few more plans have been launched like Rapid max 1099 with 20Gb data free and upto 16mbps speed. Next we have rapid max 1299 with 35GB data limit. Rapid 1399 plan with 45GB data limit. Rapid 1699 plan with 80Gb data limit and rapid 1999 with 120Gb data limit. In last we have Rapid max 2299 with 200GB data limit. All these plans have 16Mbps speed till data limit and 512kbps after the limit is over.

Airtel has also launched velocity plan with 40mbps speed which work on VDSL technology. Post fup speed is 1mbps on these Airtel Vdsl plans.