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Bsnl is upgrading its broadband plans due to intense competition it is facing from pvt broadband providers and now Jio 4G pre-launch offers. It has again upgraded its famous 1445 ULD plan. This plan was very recently upgraded from 1mbps unlimited plan to current 20GB 2mpbs(1mbps post fup) plan.

Now this plan has been upgraded further.
Bsnl 1445 ULD Plan
Pre Fup Speed: 2mbps(Before) — 4Mbps (Revised)
Fup Quota : 20GB(Before) — 30GB (Revised)
Post FUP speed is same 1Mbps

So a little respite for Broadband users who have just Bsnl as an option. Though would have been better if they upgraded post fup speed to 2mbps.