Best Laptops with 12th Gen Intel Core i3-1210U

Intel Core i3 1210U is 2022 latest processor from Intel with 6 cores and 8 thread architecture. It has 2 P cores and 4 E cores with 10MB L3 Cache. The (P)erformance core have base frequency of 1ghz with turbo freq of upto 4.4ghz while (E)fficiency cores have base frequency of 700mhz and turbo frequency of upto 3.3ghz per core. Power consumption of this processor is 9w to 29w while integrated 64EU graphics support 850mhz max frequency. Intel 12th Gen Laptops with core i3-1210U would be entry level laptops.

Laptop with Intel 12th Gen core i3-1210U are coming soon to India. In meantime check other 12th gen laptops

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