Dept of Telecommunication invited bids for 700mhz band which is paired frequency and adds India to countries with band 28 compatibility in Asia Pacific countries. Band 28 is mostly used in Asia Pacific and India entry makes it further better with more availability of devices.
Total of seven blocks have been put on sale of 5Mhz paired spectrum. We have fetched details of 700Mhz spectrum details and base price for bidding in upcoming auction in month of september 2016. Highest price is for Delhi with whopping Rs.7975 crore ($1.19Billion) for a single block of 5mhz spectrum while cheapest is for north east at Rs.220 crore ($33 million).
Don’t expect any low cost affordable 4G packs if our govt wants this much in reserve price.

Update: No one bid in recent auction closed on 6th Oct 2016 for 700mhz as price was too high according to operators. Hopefully it’ll go for price revision and put for auction again next year.