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Top list of Best Window AC of 1 Ton Capacity in Indian Market for season of 2023

Do you know that 60% of people choose wrong AC size for their room. If you are also going to buy the AC and have lot of different questions in mind like

  • What type of AC(window or split) should I buy?
  • What size of AC capacity should I buy?
  • 1 ton or 1.2 ton or 1.5 ton or 1.8 ton or 2 ton or 2.5ton AC?
  • My room size and usage in daily hours?
  • What energy star ratings should I buy?
  • What kind of AC Inverter compressor or non-inverter compressor?
  • Wifi connectivity & unit consumption, Dual inverter Ac, Hot & Cold Ac?

We’ll answer all your question and also let you the best AC available in the Indian market for the season of 2023

What type of AC(window or split) should I buy?
  • Window AC is cheaper with less installation cost
  • windows AC need a window with proper spacing to install
  • Window AC are less prone to leakage as zero gas pipes outside the unit.
  • Window AC leakage are easy to repair,
  • Window AC is noisy
  • Window AC is difficult to service(clean) as you need to bring down the whole AC
  • Window AC installation place can easily be change from one window to another.
  • Split AC is super silent as outdoor noisy unit is far away.
  • Split can be installed any where but installation can be costly.
  • Split AC service is easy to (service)clean as outdoor unit can be washed easily.
  • Split AC is prone to gas leakage(mostly due to faulty installation) and gas leakage is not easy to detect due to long pipes & untrained technician.
  • Finally Split AC is a little costlier than window AC.
What capacity size of AC should one buy?
  • If room get direct sun light or is top floor then for Room Size below 90sq ft 1 Ton is right size of AC.
  • If room doesn’t get direct sun light or is not the top floor then 0.8ton AC is enough for less than 100sq ft room size.
  • If room get direct sun light or is top floor then for Room Size of 100sq ft to 125 sq ft you need to get 1.2 Ton AC.
  • If room doesn’t get direct sun light or is not the top floor then 1-ton AC is enough for 90sq ft to 125 sq ft room size.
  • If room get direct sun light or is top floor then for Room Size of 125sq ft to 180 sq ft you need to get 1.5 Ton AC.
  • If room doesn’t get direct sun light or is not the top floor then 1.2 ton AC is enough for 125sq ft to 200 sq ft room size.
  • For Room Size above 180 sq ft that get direct sun light or is the top floor you can get any AC above 2 Ton size.
  • For Room Size above 200 sq ft that doesn’t get direct sun light or is not the top floor you can get any AC above 1.8 Ton size.

In nutshell if your room has big windows or windows that get direct sunlight then buy one higher AC capacity than normally rated. Same stand true for room with top floor where ceiling heats up in the day and temperature touches 40degress easily also need one slot higher capacity than normally rated for the room size.

What energy star ratings should I buy?

Higher Star Rating AC usually are costlier but save on ever increasing cost of power units. Also with global warming AC usage is increasing every month. So buy the highest star rating AC till you can afford. So better buy 5 star AC if you can rake out money without a problem. As a rule of thumb each star saves you 10% power than a next star model only if you are comparing in same category (not inverter vs non inverter), same size AC. So if your summer bill comes 3000 extra than your winter bill then expect saving of Rs.300 per month for every month the AC is used multiply by 6months(Avg of India) so you save roughly 1800 per year which can me more in South India and less for further north of India you go.

Copper coil condenser vs Aluminum coil condenser? No comparison here as copper is the way to go for all the advantage other than being costlier.

Which AC compressor to buy ? Inverter or Non-Inverter?

Again comes to how much you want to pay. Inverter AC are costlier but save power(20%) in long term. For me the best part of Inverter AC is they are very comfortable as compressor kind of never turns off so you don’t sudden drop of temperature like you do in non-inverter AC and they are less noisy too. So overall ease of use and experience Inverter AC is next level in my opinion. Now they don’t need voltage stabilizer but if voltage fluctuation is too much in your area then PCB of inverter AC can faulty easily and is very costly to repair. So better buy inverter AC only if you live in a area where voltage fluctuation is low or atleast buy inverter ac with 5 year warranty or get an amc for whole inverter AC.

Special Function of ACs like Dual Inverter AC, Hot & Cold Ac, Wifi connectivity with Alexa voice control.
  • AC too are getting smarter with wifi connectivity and voice enabled with alexa and google smart home. These ACs are easy to manage as one can switch them off or on from remote location too like while commuting from office to home one can switch on the ac so that house is at desired level when you reach home. Also you can know if the children or maid at home used the ac or not.
  • Dual Inverter AC is advance technique in inverter compressor where AC can work in both 10% and 110% of capacity when required. This diminishes the need to switch off the AC compressor at all. Like a 1500watt ac can use as low 150w of power when desired temp is attained to make the room temperature stable. Plus this increases the cooling capacity of AC.
  • Hot & Cold AC works as AC in summer + heater in winter. It uses the same ac compressor for a reverse process to heat the room inside and blows out cold air from outdoor condenser. It is best when you need to maintain the same room temperature through out the year. company add moisture control capability along with pm2.5 filter in these hot & cold units for everything at desired level. These are very costly in comparison to normal cooling only AC.