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Here are few simple steps to place your Airtel broadband n fixed line service in temporary safe custody.

1.) Login to with your mobile number linked to Airtel Braodband/fixed line account.
2.) If you are first time user it would ask for OTP sent to the linked mobile no.
3.) Click on ‘Broadband’ Tab where you’ll see your fixed line n broadband listed with amount due n due date and few links below these.
4.) Click on ‘manage services’ link. It’ll open in my bill tab by default.
5.) Click on ‘log and track’ request. A request form will open.
6.) Select request type to “I will not use my fixedline service for sometime. keep my number safe”
7.) Enter description like from which till which you want to stop service and reason of stopping the service”
8.) Log request and note the reference no.

You can check the request by clicking on track request link under same ‘log and track’ tab.