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Netflix announce its global launch in many countries including India. Prices are also global Rs.500 for single SD stream. Rs.650 for two stream with HD and Rs.800 for 4 stream which has HD+ Ultra HD. Also netflix site mention bandwidth required for SD stream is 1.5 to 3mbps(more the better) and for HD quality one needs 5mbps.

Bandwidth required for UHD(ultra high definition 4k resoultion) is 25mbps which I think is out of range of most adsl subscribers in India which include Bsnl,Airtel & Mtnl and I am not talking about data usage for UHD for now.
Though you can get vdsl on these copper lines which again is not very common in India for home users.

Now comes the data usage part while one hour of SD video uses 300MB(low) to 700MB(medium) of data while HD uses 2-3GB data per hour. Monthly data usage is as follows

No of Hours UseSD Low SettingsSD Medium SettingsHD High Defination
one hour usage300MB700MB3000MB
One Month usage
(one hour daily)
One month usage
(Three Hours daily)
One month usage
(one hour weekdays +
3Hours weekend)

SD quality can be bearable in Indian isp FUP lower plans but for HD quality one needs higher plans whih cost 2000+ in Bsnl,Mtnl and Airtel adsl plans available. Ofcourse act broadband users can use it for time being but still FUP is very low for using it as entertainment service and replacing our normal dth/cable stb completely.

So to replace your HD dth box with 500+ subscription in netflix you need to pay Rs.650 with approx 1500-2000Rs.of isp bill additional. I think netflix need to think about this and price it accordingly like apple itunes did for Indian customers.