If you have been thinking all these years that toned or double toned is plain raw milk which is pasteurized minus the fat removed?
Then think again.
toned milk
toned milk
Its a jugaad founded by Indian dairy researchers in mid 70s-80s to make milk affordable for everyone by mixing full cream milk with skimmed milk or water plus skimmed power. What you have been thinking all these years is instead called semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. I am saying this because most people I know when asked this question thinks same about toned milk.

And on these toned milk packets its never clearly mentions what this milk is prepared from?
Only Delhi milk scheme mentions milk solids as one of the content while Mother Dairy and Amul milk packets just mentions standardized toned or double toned milk. Like we all the contents magically.

Do you know that your toned(or double toned) milk is prepared by mixing standardized full milk with skimmed milk or water plus skimmed milk powder. I have no problem on using skimmed milk in full milk however using milk powder is not what I would like to consume everyday. Why don’t you mention which packet uses milk powder and which one uses direct skimmed milk. In ratio it is mixed for particular batch or in general to get the desired fat/carb/protein nutritional value mentioned on packet.
Another point to be noted is that any milk can mixed whether cow or buffalo. Because cow or Buffalo is nowhere mentioned on packet.

So you never know the double toned or toned milk packet you brought today got
((water plus skimmed milk power(cow or buffalo)) or skimmed milk) plus (cow milk or buffalo milk)?

Better is to use full cream milk and boil it at home and take away all cream on top after it cools down.
You can do it twice or maybe thrice(if possible) to remove cream each time and bring milk to the desired thickness.